Owners Construction Quality Program and QMS

What can we do for the owner?  So, lets look at the diagram to the left. Some of the components of the owners Construction Quality Program are broken down. I have included a few items  such as the Quality Manual, Standards, Inspections and Offsite Inspections. Within the offsite inspections I have noted few examples, more breakdowns of Quality components. Each item will have their own descriptive parameters within for the vendor, manufacture or supplier to meet as per the owners standards.

Defined within each item will be industry requirements that meet the owners defined foot print set forth in the Construction Quality Manual within the Quality Program.

The QMS or Quality Management System must as example support the owners project and will again be formatted out in the  Construction Quality Manual. The QMS will assist designers, engineers, manufactures and contractors on framework and procedures needed to supply or work on the owners site.


Because of this, the owner will say, in order to do business with us, you must meet or exceed our QMS.  As a result, costs associated with Maintenance, Sustaining Projects, Outages will be reduced. As a final note, Operations production costs will be reduced as less downtime of equipment and processes. The equipment meet the original and subsequent requirements of the Quality Program

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