The Capital Project is ready to commission. Have all the checks been done? Pre Commissioning, well lets start there. The importance is essential to the reduction and elimination of false start-up's in commissioning. So we suggest completing Dry and Wet commissioning before the main event, Commissioning.

To the left we have an example of a section of a plant. We'll call Area Tom.  Here we will complete Dry Commissioning, checking the LV Cables between the instruments and the local boxes then back to the main box, onto the control room. The simplified drawing is an illustration of dry checks, on the path of control. Once proven the signals are good to go, the responsible party and sign off on the master sheet as we see in the example below the drawing. And when all critical priority #1 are signed off the system(s) are ready.


Below Left I have shown  more examples of dry checks that can be done, again these are examples for purpose of illustrations.

We have included examples of wet checks that can be done as well prior to the main commissioning event.

Pre- Commissioning example below of an system we called TOM. Another example of a check system often used on Capital Projects ensuring quality before start-up.

                                                                 Pre Commissioning - A Team Perspective